Ideas Worth Spreading – All The Way Around CQ

Rockhampton’s Fitzroy River.
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The leaders of the Rockhampton Twittersphere are bringing a global event to reality in Central Queensland. Rockhampton’s Treassa Joseph has been granted a license to organise a TEDx event in Rockhampton in May next year.

TEDxRockhampton will bring together the region’s best and brightest thinkers, turning the global spotlight to CQ. This independently organised, non-profit event is being run under license from TED and in the spirit of TED’s mission of Ideas Worth Sharing.

With a theme of ‘A Glimpse Into the Future’, the event will feature thought-provoking talks of no longer than 18 minutes, as well as networking opportunities. Contributions from diverse fields such as technology, design, politics, entertainment, and education are all considered.

Curator Treassa Joseph believes that TEDx signals the start of great things. “This is a wonderful chance for the people of Central Queensland to come forward and display the abundance of talent and exceptional thinkers in the region. TEDx is a powerful opportunity for our community to collaborate on issues that really matter, put forward ideas and inspire a future of innovation.”

Similar events have been successful in regional Queensland, with TEDxGympie and TEDxHervey Bay both creating a buzz in their respective communities.

However, events like this take a considerable amount of manpower to effectively coordinate – it’s estimated a TEDx event consumes around 1000 hours of unpaid volunteer time.

TEDxRockhampton has a core organising committee already in place, but creating a great event takes even more volunteers. To help bring TEDxRockhampton to fruition, email and tell us in 50 words or less how you could contribute.

The all-day event will be held on May 25th, 2013. Speakers and a venue are still in negotiation, but all updates and announcements will be shared via TEDxRockhampton’s social media channels, which can be found at and